Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Naples Art Festival - 5th Avenue

As usual, it was well attended, and the weather contributed!  Here is Phyllis, painting (the only artist painting by the way).  Beautiful!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 The old Chef's Express.  Such vibrant colors!

 Painting tubes from Phyllis's tray!!!
Few scenes including Barb., Judy, Marilyn.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Addendum to Inception

More information from Phyllis Pransky, a more detailed description of the beginnings of the Marco Island Outdoor Artists:  Phyllis did initiate the idea of an outdoor itinerant painting group.  Six people met with pads and pencils to form a formal group: Phyllis, Joann Sanborn, Bob Fretteloso, Bob Nelson, Shirley Piercy, and Charlie Horn.  At the time they also tried to form an Artists Colony in the shopping center where Arturos restaurant is, with the offer of an upstairs space from Carol Glassman and her husband, the late Alex Glassman. Along with the group mentioned, some Naples artists including Jonathan Green, Paul Arsenault, and others came down for an initial meeting, with minutes taken and space looked at for division, and it was very affordable for that time, 1992.  Unfortunately, due to some issues with the rental availability, the colony never happened.  
But the Marco Island Outdoor Artists had grown.  After the initial six got together and discussed what the intention of MIOA was (documenting the beauty and all the evolving changes on Marco and the surrounding areas), they were joined by Joan Kroese, David Bikoff, Bill Gutzweiler, Rina Tippet, Marilyn Wirth, the late Evelyn Meyer, Nancy Moriority, Judy Harthorn, and Vince Coppola, to name a few.  Eventually, more than 200 individuals painted with the group at various times.  

Late March 2012 - Old Marco

Joan Kroese, working the inner courtyard

Norma Silvestri and Carol Zeiler find some shade.

Jane Fotopoulos in a cool spot.

Micheline Sansregret in outer courtyard

Nancy Shelly, Maggie Zografakis, Micheline Sansregret, and Karen Thiel study the fountain, with Florie Enders in the background. 
 A bright day spent in Old Marco, working both the inner and the outer courtyards.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scenes from our 2012 day at Residents Beach

Bob, a friend of Florie's, manged to be convinced to pose for us under the Tiki huts!
Karen Thiel...note the wind in the palms!
Brilliant day, but with incredible wind...gusts up to 30 mph!

More Scenes from 2012

How Joyce Laeser deals with sun and wind!  Nancy Shelly in background.

Florie Enders, relatively comforable!

Joan Kroese with her painting

Joyce in the wind!

Judy Harthorn and Micheline Sansregret find some shade!

Karen Thiel in full sun, but shade on the canvas and palette.

Maggie Zografakis and Nancy Shelly...before Nancy had to lower her umbrella!
 A few scenes from our day at Tigertail Beach.  A hot and windy day, brilliant sun!

Scenes from 2012, Marco Island Outdoor Artists at Work on the viewing platform at the 10,00 Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Our President and Founder, Phyllis Pransky

Joyce Laeser and Painting

Joan Kroese and Painting

Joan and Karen Share Insights

Nancy, Joan, and Karen at Work

A Watercolorist

Nancy Shelly, Vince Coppola, and Karen Thiel

Karen Thiel and Painting

Nancy Shelly and Painting

Joyce Laeser and Judy Harthorn at work

Scenes from 2011, Marco Island Outdoor Artists at Work

Florie Enders, Residents Beach

Judy Harthorn, Residents Beach

Karen Thiel, Residents Beach

Marco Island Outdoor Artists at Lunch in Olde Marco,
Joyce Laeser, Nancy Shelly, Barbara Quinn-Grasso, Maggie Zografakis, and Karen Thiel

Scenes from 2010: Marco Island Outdoor Painters at Work

Nancy Shelly. Karen Thiel, and Joan Kroese at Villa Venezia

Aline Lotter at Rookery Bay

Jo Ellen Lindh at Rookery Bay

Marilyn Wirth at Residents Beach

Mary Crawford Reining at Rookery Bay

Sunday, March 18, 2012


"The Marco Island Outdoor Artists" consists of a group of painters who love to work outdoors, or "en plein air," and either live on or near Marco Island, Florida, or visit here regularly.  The group was formed by artist Phyllis Pransky ( after she moved here from the NY/NJ area in 1990, and searched for a community of artists who shared her love of working outdoors in natural  light.  Not finding the spirit of comraderie she was seeking, Phyllis met with a few area artists, including her friend and fellow painter Joan Kroese, in 1992, and created  the Marco Island Outdoor Artists.  To schedule a series of painting sessions, lots of hours of work ensued, mostly for Phyllis as founder and president.  She scouts secure locations driving round the island, gets permission where needed, forms a schedule, notifies the venues and the artists, publishes the schedule, keeps e-mail addresses, maintains contact, follows up with thank-yous, and encourages visiting artsts to join in the fun: Phyllis keeps a schedule on her web site, as part of her community service.  The Art League of Marco Island sponsors the group (239-394-4221). 
Meeting weekly, primarily on Wednesdays, the artists seek to document visually the extraordinary beauty of Marco Island and the surrounding area, including Naples and the Everglades.  Any artists who enjoy working en plein air and are visiting the area are most welcome and warmly encouraged to join in!  Participating is free: The Marco Island Outdoor Artists have no dues, and no rules except to be courteous and considerate of the concentration of other artists, and to leave the each location clean.  All levels of ability are welcome, and each artist brings his or her own supplies and tools.  Phyllis and Joan both paint in oils, but other members use watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, or colored pencil.  The camaraderie of The Marco Island Outdoor Painters, reflecting Phyllis' founding and continual spirit, encourages artists to create with, learn from, and inspire one another.